Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Why people queue for Adidas NMD sneakers?

The new Adidas NMD sneakers were the next best thing for shoe connoisseurs. Despite the wet conditions, hundreds lined up outside stores in Sydney last Thursday, many even camped overnight, to be the first in the world to get their hands on the latest, limited edition must-haves that retail for around $180 – a bargain in comparison to West's $260 footwear – that look remarkably similar.(Cheap Watches - http://www.watchfeed.co/)

A limit of just one pair per shopper was implemented in most stores, while at Hype, shoppers could buy a number of different colours but in the same size, to prevent hawkers from selling them on at a higher price online.  Most shoppers told Fairfax Media they were buying the sneakers – that boast a "micro-engineered Boost midsole" and knitted upper – to wear for themselves, however, there were others who could see the dollar signs.

"I don't do it for a business, just as a hobby," she said. "People will always buy them because they are fashionable and it's too hard to get Yeezys."

Two Chinese international students, aged 17 and 18, who asked not to be named as their parents did not know about their purchasing plans, hope to make far more than Chansanann for their new black NMDs.

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